Whatsapp + Plus 6.47C Watts Live Plus Apk Android App

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Harry Patel

By Harry Patel
On 28th November, 2014
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Whatsapp + Plus 6.47C Watts Live Plus Apk Android App




Free Download Whatsapp + Plus 6.47C Watts Live Plus Apk Android App, a Modded App for Unlimited Everything & It Is Unlocked App from Android Mobiles Zone.

Whatsapp + PLus popular Whatsapp Messenger Pro version has more capabilities than the regular version and also no restrictions.

Plus features and unlocking software version (this feature may not be available in the regular version)

  • Ability to send files without restrictions (the regular version limits you to send up to 16 MB)
  • Qalblyt change fonts, change colors, change the font size, etc.
  • The main feature image quality (the quality is much reduced in the stock version)
  • Send your music with just a click
  • Has a specific theme and downloader
  • Ability to hide themselves from others Vzybt

Note: In general, software Whatsapp + is a software and service fees for Android smartphones for 1 year and for iPhone 5 years of service as a pilot and is free to use and, after this time you you need to use the software and the extension of credit, purchase server software. This time by the application server and the serial number of your phone charged and nothing to unlock version and of course if you sign up through an iPhone do you account for 5 years which are It is also available on Android

Very important points:

  •   If after installing the software, you did not receive an activation code, or message forgery edited version of the software to clean once you see the regular version of a site have downloaded and installed activation you, and the stages Then unlock this version over the previous version installed. Now the problem is solved and the code is activated automatically Plus Edition
  • If you see the message Rystvr Rystvr your backup.
  • The program has specific patch program Pachter lacquered versions Unmod If it is, you can easily patch it up.
What's New in this version Whatsapp + Plus 6.47C:

Version issue with turkish translation fixed
If offline writing / recording info not sent to groups


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