Ninja Saga v0.9.35 Mod Apk

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Harry Patel

By Harry Patel
On 20th December, 2014
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Ninja Saga v0.9.35 Mod Apk




Free Download Ninja Saga v0.9.35 Mod Apk Android Game, a Modded Game for Unlimited Everything & It Is Unlocked Game from Android Mobiles Zone.

The wait is over! One of the most popular ninja-themed social games is now available on Android!

Since its online debut in 2009, this top reviewed social RPG with its dazzling graphics and sensational gameplay had been enticing the hidden ninjas in the hearts of over 35 million players worldwide.

Join the battle now and become the greatest ninja of them all!

- Customize your ninja with weapons, outfits and even Ninjutsu!
- Tons of missions that keep you busy for hours!
- Team up with three ninja
- Five Ninjutsu elements of your choice
- Build a unique team of ninja
- Achievements
- Regular updates

Future Update:
- Player vs. Player Battle
- Genin Exam
- Level 21-60 Contents
- Exclusive story missions
- Upgrade your favorite Weapon and Skill
- Clan Battle

The world of the Shinobi is now at the brink of chaos and destruction after a siege by a mysterious evil force. At these desperate times, a hero must rise to embark on a treacherous journey to defeat the evil forces and protect the world from oblivion. Born from the ashes of the last Great War, a young ninjas looks out to this chaotic world with one ambition…to become the Ninja of all ninjas and restore peace to this world.

What's New
- Bug Fixed
- Soccer Fever voting rewards are out!
- Soccer Fever Champion Clothes
- Soccer Fever Champion Weapon
- Soccer Fever Champion Pet
- Bug Fixed

1. Unlimited Gold {13,976,976}
2. Token Limit Raised To "999,999,999" {No More Reset For Having More Than 30,00 Tokens}
3. Modded Daily Spin Wheel
4. 2 Token Spin Is Always Free
5. 5% XP Is Now 5000%
6. 15% XP Is Now 15000%
7. 1 Token Win = 100,000 Tokens
8. 2 Token Win = 200,000 Tokens
9. 3 Token Win = 300,000 Tokens
10. 1 Mineral Win = 99 Minerals
11. 1 Ninja Spirit Win = 99 Ninja Spirit
12. 1 Elemental Gan Win = 99 Elemental Gan
13. All Shop Token Equips Cost 1 Token
14. All Rare Pets Cost 1 Token


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