Loot Hunters APK v1.54 (Mod)- Android Game

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Mary Nelson

By Mary Nelson
On 19th June, 2017
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Loot Hunters APK v1.54 (Mod)- Android Game




Free Download Loot Hunters APK v1.54 (Mod)- Android Game, a Modded Game for Unlimited Everything & It Is Unlocked Game from AMZModApk.

Choose your character, each with different role in the group. Warrior protects others, Mage destroy enemies and Priest heals wounded heroes (more classes coming soon!).

Collect the best gear for your hero starting with the common and uncommon pieces of equipment to the legendary ones. Also manage your spellbook. You must wisely choose which spells to use in the battle. Mighty spells might be devastating but cost a lot of mana. Also each spell has its own quality and special role in your deck.

When you get strong enough you can try to find a party for the dungeon! Prepare your spellbook deck and keep in mind that you must fulfill your role in the party! If you are Warrior defend your squishy fellow heroes. If you are Priest heal your party. If you are Mage annihilate your foes as fast as possible! The deeper the party make it into the dungeon the better loot for all of you!

Explore random encounters to hunt for better loot! Each day is unique. Everytime you play new day there are randomly generated encounters with random loot waiting for you. Defeat enemies, open chests and upgrade your hero and spells in your spellbook.

Features of Loot Hunters APK v1.54 (Mod)- Android Game

  • ? Simple to learn and fast to progress!
  • ? Realtime Co-op! Venture dungeons with your friends!
  • ? Manage your Spellbook and collect legendary spells!
  • ? Open chests to get better loot!
  • ? Forge new equipment and upgrade it!
  • ? Become the best Hunter and get the best loot!

What's New in Loot Hunters APK v1.54 (Mod)- Android Game

  • -Auto-ready feature added preventing AFK players from blocking dungeon co-op queue
  • -Better cheater protection
  • -Fixed issue when some perks effects did not work
  • -Fixed tutorial exploit
  • -Logout button added so players can change devices more quickly
Mod Info
1. Infinite Gem
2. Infinite Coin
3. Infinite All Resources
4. Anti-ban (You can login banned account on this mod)?

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  Free Download Loot Hunters Android Game Modded Game Unlimited Everything Unlocked Game





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