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Harry Patel

By Harry Patel
On 12th October, 2020
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Heroes Evolved for Android - MOD APK Download




A fun strategy making and action game app

This game is the best for the players who like strategy making and fun action gameplay. The game has the best action scenes and storyline in which the players have to team up and fight the enemy with their fighting skills. The game has amazing characters which are designed to look fierce and the skin on them is very amazing. There are different levels in the game which the players will love to play and the levels get more difficult as they level up. The players can also invite their friends into the fight and they can do an amazing 5 vs 5 multiplayer battle and these features of this game make it very fun to play. The game has various types of modes which are very challenging and amazing like 5vs5,3vs3, 1vs1 and custom mode als. The players will have to defeat all other players around the globe to get the highest rank in the game.


Features of Heroes Evolved for Android - MOD APK Download

  • The game app is free to play and download. And has various amazing and unique features like the stunning graphics and amazing high quality sound effects. The controls in the game are very smooth and easy to use with the best user interface. The game has fair gameplay with fastest matchmaking features to give the players interesting fights. The game allows the players around the globe to play and chat to communicate with each other so the players can also make their own team or the toughest clan.

What's New in Heroes Evolved for Android - MOD APK Download

  • 1.NEW HERO: Heradias;
  • 2.NEW SKINS: Umbra Flare & Lunar Lavender;
  • 3.EVENTS: Spinfest event, Golden Wish, Daily Recharge, Cherith’s Garden, October Check-In, Lucky Card, Battle Gift, Temple Treasure, Heradias’ Trial;
  • 4.STORE: Shard Shop Updates, Lucky Points Pack, Advanced & Luxury Skin Packs.

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